iWave Technology

The iWave is a device that helps filtrate and purify the air in all types of duct air conditioning systems. Ions are produced by the iWave device that eliminate harmful pollutants that are identified by iwaveair.com as, “pathogens, allergens, particles, smoke and odors in the air.”

Using patented technology, the iWave device creates positive and negative ions both into equal amounts that when injected into the air, they are able to break down harmful pollutants and contaminants into harmless compounds or completely eradicate them.

The iWave has some great news for people suffering with asthma as well. The ions produced from the iWave are able to attach themselves to allergens, causing them to clump together and become big enough in size that a filter is able to eliminate them out of the air.

Other features of the iWave include; the device is self-cleaning, requires little to no maintenance, does not require you to purchase any replacement parts, helps control indoor odors and comes with a 3-year warranty if installed professionally by a HVAC contractor. The iWave device does not create any harmful airborne mercury or ozone which both are harmful to person’s health and environment.

The iWave is a great option for any home owner or commercial business looking for a healthier and cleaner air quality solution, as well as cost effective with no hassle or maintenance.


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