Strategic Electrification (Smart Electrification)

As quoted by, “A targeted strategic electrification focus in buildings is the displacement and replacement of fossil fuel equipment used for space heating/cooling and hot water with heat pump technologies that operate at significantly higher efficiencies.” You may be surprised to learn that you are probably already surrounded by Strategic Electrification in your work office or home, the stores you shop in, the electric car you drive, and the restaurants you and your family dine in. As society continues to shift and look for ways to improve air quality and overall take care of our environment – you will definitely start to hear more of this movement.

Fossil fuel is a major contributor to greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide, which are harmful pollutions to the Earth’s atmosphere and contribute to global warming concerns. In the next decade, the country is shifting into major deep decarbonization. Many towns, especially in New England, are moving from using fossil fuels and are prioritizing using more natural resources. The goal with Strategic Electrification is to eliminate or significantly decrease the emissions of harmful pollutions caused by burning fossil fuels, and to instead increase using natural resources such as electricity to power our homes, offices, and transportation.

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